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 The Spring 28 Day Fitness JumpStart Is My New Fitness Formula to Help You Feel Stronger, Have More Energy, & Lose Weight Without Boring Cardio, Starvation Diets, or Breaking the Bank. 
 I Don't Often Get Excited About Creating Workouts And Fat Loss Programs, But This Is The Exception!
I want to let you in on a little secret I discovered...

As people we’re all the same in that we all want the best results in the shortest time and we’re always looking for an easier way to pull it off.

As a Coach, I’m always studying, researching, experimenting, and learning, and just like you I always want to figure out how I can help you get “there” faster and easier.

I recently developed a Program that will do just that.

In fact, after testing this on myself I began applying some of the principles I learned with a few of my clients straight away, and the improvements were immediately clear.

My clients started getting stronger, and started dropping pounds, inches, and pant sizes like crazy!

I’m so excited about this I want to give it a real unbiased test so I need your help. In fact I need the help of a small group of people to help me fully test this idea.

Are you in?

All you have to do is be excited about losing between 5 and 15lbs (in about 28 days), be willing to following my specific nutritional instructions, and really put this new little training secret to test.
Discover How Easy It Is To Drop 5-15 Pounds With My Jump-Start Fat Loss Formula! 
Personalized Fat Loss Training
We know everyone is different, and, that is why we customize each workout to your individual needs & abilities; giving you the perfect workout every time.  
Custom Nutrition
You can't "Out - Train" a bad diet.  So, I'll work with you to customize a meal plan with food YOU like and a personalized strategy for success. 
Fast & Efficient 
We know how busy you are. So, we made our workouts super fast and yet insanely effective by harnessing the "afterburn" effect so you will burn fat 24/7.
Let Me Give You Some Details About 
The 28 Day JumpStart Program!
  • It's a 28 day fitness jump start program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles and leave you feeling strong, accomplished, and full of confidence and energy long after the session is over. 
  • Each 30 minute workout session is designed to put your body into "afterburn" to help get the most fat loss during the 28 days.
  • You'll also get a customized meal plan to follow, designed to burn even more fat without restricting calories (this is NOT a diet).  It's a fat loss eating program - simple and easy.
  • The 28 Jump Start starts a week from Monday.
  • Here's the best part! I want to make sure this program is within reach of anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach their ideal weight so I've slashed the prices!
Socially Distanced Training!
I Haven't Even Told You The Best Part
Here’s the deal…

Since this isn't 100% tested and proven (that’s what you’re gonna help me do) I need people not within my current training program.

Here's everything you will receive with the Program

 > 4 weeks of workouts at the Studio 3x a week ($199 value)

 > 28 day meal plan, menu, and grocery shopping list. ($97 value)

 > Supplemental online follow along workouts ($59 value)

> Accountability coaching calls ($49 value)

> Jump-Start custom nutritional coaching program ($99 value)

> Unlimited accountability and support via text message from me! ($89 value)

> Weekly Zoom Coaching with Ian

Total Value = $592!

But, you won't pay anywhere near $592, in fact, to make it a win-win you won’t pay anything close to even our regular price of $199 for 4 weeks of training. 

In fact, we're offering the program for 84% off!

Early bird pricing is just $32/week if your application is accepted. 

And just like everything I do, it’s 100% guaranteed, so if it doesn’t work or you’re not happy with the results I’ll refund your money.

Now because this is a test project and we have limited space in the Studio I’m going to keep the group small so you can have maximum attention and focus. I’m looking for 10 committed individuals that are serious about losing 5-15lbs in the next 28 days.

If this is YOU then apply down below now to reserve a spot!
The 28 Day Jump-Start Includes The Following
  • Drop up to 5-15 pounds Without being hungry or eating food you don't like. 
  • Lose 2-5 Inches From Your Waist So you can fit into your favorite pre lock-down clothes. 
  • Personalized Done-For-You Menus and Grocery Lists So That You Never Have To Guess What To Eat Ever Again.
  • Unlimited Coaching and Access to ME to keep you motivated and answer any questions you might have!
  • 28 Days Of 3x a week training in our Studios
One More Thing (I'm Not Done...)
Now in addition to this being the most awesome fitness program EVER. I'm doing one more thing for you...

I'm going to back it up with my own money. 

What I mean by this is, I'm so confident that you're going to lose weight and be totally happy with my fitness jump start weight loss and get back into shape transformation program that I'm going to give you a full refund *no questions asked* if at the end of the four week program you feel it wasn't everything I said it would be. 

Fair enough? 

I don't see anyone else making that promise. 
Here's what you need to do now... 

Since the program starts next Monday, and we have a limited amount of space, we'll only be accepting ten people for this special Program. 

And because we've slashed the prices, and most people really want to get in shape, I'm guessing it's going to fill up FAST.

So, fill out the application now!
Committed to your health and fitness, 

PS: If your ready for a Fitness Jump Start and get on board with a Program that delivers, real, lasting, life changing results than your going to want to apply for your spot right now before it sells out!
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